Noodle Spring Rolls - Noodle Pack

Noodle Spring Rolls

Vegetarian? Yes, please. It's very easy to check your entire to-do list and have time for what you like, even on the run. The delicious vegetable content, wrapped in a crunchy dough will give everyone in the pack a boost of energy. Veggie up!


290g (Small)/ 370g (Medium)/ 490g (Large)

Sauce recommendation:

Sweet Chili or Hot Chili

Wheat Noodle: gluten, soy, mollusks, egg
Rice Noodle: soy, mollusks
Spring Rolls: gluten, soy, sesame seeds

100 g
Serving (gr or ml) 350 g 550 g
Energy Value (kJ)
Energy Value (kcal) 284 kcal 289 kcal
Fats (g) 12.1 g 12.4 g 12.9 g
of which: Saturated fatty acids (g) 1.1 g 1.4 g 1.9 g
Carbohydrates (g) 11 g 14 g 19 g
of which: Sugars (g) 1.2 g 1.5 g 1.8 g
Fiber (g) 0.1 g 0.4 g 0.9 g
Protein (g) 21 g 24 g 29 g
Salt (g) 1.71 g 1.74 g 1.79 g