Get to know us - Noodle Pack

Get to know us

Our story started in 2015 with a new concept in Romania, but soon embraced and loved by the coolest customers. How does a yummy pack of noodleswith healthy and varied ingredients sound like?

The concept? A mix and match system through which you create your own dish — from your favorite noodle, meat or veggie combo, to the secret sauces that reinvent your pack with each different choice. A student’s dream!

31 locations and over 250 employees later, our community has discovered a place where they have the freedom to choose however they want.

The Noodle Pack dining experience followed the coolest events in the country (Untold, Neversea, Jazz in the Park, Street Food Festival, etc.), giving passers-by the energy to listen to their favorite artists until dawn or have a delicious meal with their pack.

The Noodle prepared in an international way, as an exclusive star, along with homemade sauces, fresh ingredients from local suppliers and the possibility to make countless mixes as you like, is a success. The NP brand is continuously improving, in terms of developing new products, improving the in-store experience and expansion.

We are further developing the Noodle Pack network beyond the borders of Romania, with the same passion for remarkable things and the same tastiness that our Noodle lovers are used to.