Our values - Noodle Pack

Our values

Quality and customer care

In order to inspire our customers to follow their passions, we must give them the freedom to choose the best products. Caring for them starts with the way we select the ingredients. All our products are cooked every day from scratch, without artificial additives and sodium monoglutamate. Their quality is ensured by the most nutritious ingredients, which provide the daily intake of proteins, minerals and vitamins necessary for our body. We work with local producers who we trust that put quality and professionalism first.

Safety measures

We believe that anything can be negotiated, except safety. Our customers deserve the best, even before they step into our restaurants. That is why the whole team, from co workers to collaborators, works according to strict food safety measures. We rigorously inspect every ingredient, sanitize all surfaces, equipment and utensils used and carefully train our staff to ensure that no safety and protection measures are overlooked.

Environment and responsibility

It’s also about the planet! We have made a commitment to the environment, since the opening of the first restaurant, to only undertake actions where we ensure that the only imprint we will leave is the tastiness of Noodle Pack. Through conscious and healthy choices, from ingredients and packaging, to designing sustainable recycling procedures, we try to take care of the place where we plan to fulfill our dreams, our planet!