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The inspiration in Noodle Pack’s kitchen

From Viena to Romania

Away from the hustle and bustle of the city, after a long day of walking the streets of Vienna, a small restaurant awaits its customers with (here we will be subjective) the best dishes of noodles. Even though Dani and Sami were not in Vienna for tourism, the road took them to the door of Ken’s Shop. It soon became one of their favorite places, and inevitably, seeing them return again and again, Mr. Ken befriended them.

“He is a talented man with a contagious passion. When it comes to taste and innovation in the kitchen, absolutely nothing is missing. ”

Even after 7 years, Sami and Dani’s opinion did not change at all.

The first recipe, the first success

The friendship with Mr. Ken went beyond the doors of his restaurant, right up to Romania. How so? He was the first inspiration for what would become Noodle Pack. The shared passion for international cuisine, giving customers an experience, not just a simple warm meal, gave Mr. Ken the confidence to share one of his noodle recipes. From there, Dani’s pragmatism and practical spirit, combined with Sami’s creativity, gave birth to a whole innovative menu, coagulated around the Noodle which was adapted to a variety of international tastes.

What made this recipe special?

Both Dani and Sami knew that they would enter the market with a product relatively unknown to the Romanian public. Put on paper, the steps seemed simple, but each one was a challenge: from a street kiosk, to an international restaurant chain, from a menu in Vienna based on Asian dishes, to an international one, and from recipes with additives, and sodium monoglutamate to healthy dishes.

FYI and very important to remember: Known as MSG or E621, sodium monoglutamate intensifies the flavor of the preparations, having the chemical ability to enhance the flavors, artificially, obviously. 

Of course, it will not be found in any of the Noodle Pack products.

Mission impossible turned into mission possible

6 years later, the company’s founders, Daniel Tisea and Samuel Hanuseac, are proud to say that Noodle Pack has become a recognized player on the QSR (Quick Service Restaurant) concept market in Romania. “Even if our plans do not stop there, the things that will always remain the same are the quality and freshness of the dishes offered!”

The international specifics of the restaurant, coagulated around the noodle, adapted to a variety of international tastes and the menu in the mix & match system, carry on the mission of  Noodle Pack. 

Which is? To give you the freedom to mix what you like. No other way.

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