Jalapeno Cheese Bites - Noodle Pack

Jalapeno Cheese Bites

You’re the one who likes things with a twist. What about something cheesy, something like Jalapeno Cheese Bites, a mixture of cheese with Jalapeno peppers, a little spicy and a little crunchy? Ready for a hot energy boost?


4 pcs x 25 g

Sauce recommendation:

Ginger Teriyaki or Sesame


Jalapeno Cheese Bites: wheat flour, gluten, milk powder

100 g
Serving (gr or ml) 350 g 550 g
Energy Value (kJ)
Energy Value (kcal)
Fats (g)
of which: Saturated fatty acids (g) 0.4 g
Carbohydrates (g) 389.1 mg
of which: Sugars (g) 1,864.4 mg
Fiber (g) 46.2 g
Protein (g) 1.8 g
Salt (g) 5.9 g